05 June 2015


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Let’s not sugar coat anything here – blogging is hard work and if you truly do want to start a fashion blog you are entering a niche that is so crowded and cramped you will struggle to even find room to breathe. The same goes for blogs about blogging, travel blogs, music blogs, sport blogs and probably sexy ones. The competition and the noise is endless.
  1. Get a sick domain name and your own host
    Please, please, please don’t start your blog on Tumblr or Blogger. Those things are promotional tools for your main blog or website. If you want to truly grow a brand and make a business out of your fashion blog you want your own domain name and blog hosting in order to start a WordPress blog. Most of the best sites do it this way.
  2. Find out why you are fabulous first
    As I said in the intro-mumbo-jumbo, you really need to know why you are different. There are millions of fashion blogs out there and unless you do something differently you are going to get lost in all the noise. You don’t want that.
  3. Publish the most incredible content your brain can manage
    Once your blog is all set up and running don’t just publish lame crap that you type out in five minutes and hit publish because you want to go out and drink lattes. Blogging is hard work. Sometimes I take two or three days to write one blog post. You have to make your brain work really damn hard.
  4. Network, network, network
    Make friends. Lots of them. Make friends with your readers and make friends with other bloggers that are already way more awesome than you and might be able to give you a helping hand. This means growing a mailing list and it means being active on places like Google+.

02 June 2015


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Lets embrace and celebrate the art of fashion this year in Arnhem. This lovely event, Fashion Festival Arnhem 2015 (FFA), will be held as of the 5th of June unitil 5th of July. For this edition, with the title: ‘Celebrate Creativity’, celebrating creativity in multiple disciplines will play a center role. During this festival, the city of Arnhem celebrates its creativity in the field of fashion, design and lifestyle throughout many events, shows, exhibitions, lectures and workshops in Arnhem. The previous edition of Arnhem Fashion Festival attracted more than 30,000 visitors to the city. Arnhem has been a city full of creative and entrepreneurial initiatives and events in the field of fashion for several years now. Fashion Academy ArtEZ is and has played  a major role in the development of talent in the Netherlands and the International fashion industry. The city is in the top three Dutch cities when it comes to employment in the creative sector and internationally Arnhem is known for its fashion designers, industrial and graphic designers. Next to the fashion quarters, Arnhem’s  Unique of studios and shops of design talents, the city is home of  leading retailers such as Humanoid, Trix Rees, Arnhem Coming Soon and Sjaak Hullekes. The fashion quarters Unique is the Arnhem Fashion quarter with studios and shops of design talents. The kick-off of the festival will be on the 5th of  June during the final show of the fashion students of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. Followed by the final show of the fashion school of ROC Rijn IJssel on the 7th of June. The festival like the first edition will close with the highly anticipated   Arnhem Stock Days from the 25th  to 28th of June and the ArtEZ finals from 2nd  to the 5th of  July.

For more information: www.fashionfestivalarnhem.nl


26 May 2015


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In picking the right suit for your body, remember: be confident and know your body type. Two of the hallmarks of this classic suit that continue to make it appropriate for today's larger men are the three-button, single-breasted blazer and the plain-front trousers. A three-button blazer, like a two-button blazer, will never go out of style; however, the three-button blazer, particularly when the top button is left undone, has the advantage of elongating the body of a heavy-set man, thereby making him appear taller and thinner. If you’re dying to wear a double-reasted blazer and you’re packing a few extra pounds, don’t despair; the extra layer of fabric will smooth out additional lumps and bumps. Also, as long as the lapels meet below the waist, the V-effect created by a double-breasted jacket will make you seem taller. In addition, larger men should look for jackets with side venting or double venting to conceal their wider posteriors while sitting or moving. When it comes to your bottom half, picking the right suit for your body entails choosing a suit with plain-front trousers. This will slim your belly and pelvic region if you’re a little on the chunky side, whereas pleated pants will draw unwanted attention to this area of your body. In fact, pleated trousers should be avoided by all body types.