30 April 2013

Women’s section






denim shirt: Coolcat
jeans : Primark
Shoes: Manfield
Rings: Ebay and H&M
Clutch: Primark
Belt: Zara
Bracelets : Primark, Ebay, Casio, and Tov Essentials
Earrings: H&M


Yes, it is true! I admit that I sometimes wear and purchase clothes
from the women’s department. This will not make you more feminine, but more stylish!
 In fact, it is the way how you dress it up and how you present the item(s).

This time I bought a pair of fold leather jeans from Primark
and I’m literally obsessed with this item. I love the golden details
around the pockets and on top of that, it fits me perfectly
( at least that’s what I’m thinking, lol).
 Furthermore, since I have skinny legs I’m not a huge fan of black jeans,
 but I have to say that I live in these jeans almost every day.


Have you EVER felt that you would like to wear
clothing pieces from the women’s section and for the girls the other way around?


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