02 May 2013

Burgundy Is The NEW Black!



Blazer: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Topman
Shoes: Thrift Store
Hat: Thrift Store
Satchel: Thrift Store
Sunglasses: Thrift Store
Rings: Ebay

As we all know, the colour black has always been the save choice to make up an outfit.
Personally, I do not like to add a lot of black clothing pieces to my outfit.,
because it can make it either way boring or it will look like an one-piece outfit.
Since lately August, Burgundy is the new ultimate colour to give
a final and sexy touch to ANY looks. Moreover, I canNOT help myself,
but I still keep buying burgundy clothing pieces over and over again…...

Don’t we all love the new black?

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