26 July 2013


I'm finally back with another blog post for you guys! Firts of all, I would like to thank you all for your lovely support. It means a lot to me

I met someone via Instagram. He has been liking my latest posts on Instagram recently and afterwards I became more conscious about what he actually does. He is a graphic designer, so I requested him to draw something for me and VOILA; here it is! I thought nothing is possible, but after seeing this sketch. My mind instantly changed and I do believe that everything is POSSIBLE. Just believe in yourself and you will achieve ANYTHING
Well, My name is Lucas FrederickI live in Brazil, I am a 18 year old, gay and a real sweet and a wonderful designer.Drawing now have some time, I was interested in fashion from a young age when I received a of Pablo Picasso, a passion for art started since I was eight years old, since then I have always tried to express my life through arts, whether for theater, dance or even paintings like now.Which has recently decided to attend college, I LOVE the same fashion and it will flow like never starting in August! My fashion course will start, I hope you enjoyed my work.Get inspired enough to Lady Gaga for being my muse and quite in God because it enabled me to get to get here, and will take me on other levels as well as each of us deserve. These sketches were produced today on July 25, YEAH! month of my birthday. HAHA just to unwind.Anyway, I have a photo gallery is very old but it is a sketch I use my past just to differentiate what I am today. Evolves very much in graphics and fashion, but fashion is my forte!John Setrodipo asked me to do a sketch of it, so I did! I hope he likedI took some and left others out here! If any of you are interested in my work, tips or something to contact the following email;
martiinlurent@hotmail.comMy Web gallery is www.flickr.com / photos / martiinoficialMy Instagram is martiinlurentMy facebook is martiinlurent too!

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