30 July 2013

Summer Essentials 2013




Hi Fashionlovers,
I've been so busy recently with extra working shifts and meeting up with my family and friend, but I didn't  forget about you guys. As promised two weeks ago, this post is all about my summer essentials for 2013
Today's blog post entirely consists of must haves for men that I highly recommend for during the summer. I gathered all my pieces, which I think that will come in handy for any hot day.
As you may know, I live in the Netherlands, but the weather here is not that great. So, I tend to wear lots of denim clothing, because firstly the fabric is quite thick, secondly it literally goes with everything and lastly it is a good investment, since denim pieces will always be on trend.
Sunnies sunnies and more sunnies. The greatest thing about sunglasses is the fact that it covers your eyes, which is very practical when you have a bad day, such as no sleep or you don't have any make-up on. Moreover, sunglasses can make someone's looks different in terms of becoming cool or high fashionable. Nowaydays, lots of  celebrities are wearing sunglasses when they are outdoors and the reason behind this fact is that they either want to keep their good image or some of them may even feel uncomfortable in their no make-up zone. The same story goes for caps and hats when you have a bad hairday.
Well, if someone asks me what my favourite item clothing is for this summer, I would probably say everything as long as it has floral pattern on it. They are ridiculously beautiful, vintage-ish and very classy. In short, you can never go WRONG with it ♥.
Photos are taken by Chantal Marchena.
What are your favourite things for this summer?
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