05 August 2013

A M S T E R D A M ♥




Hi Fashionlovers,
A week ago, I was walking through Amsterdam with a couple of good friends of mine and suprisingly we were thinking about how wonderful Amsterdam actually is. Amsterdam is defenitely one of the best places in the Netherlands to shop, explore, and to party. Besides these, it is also well-known that Amsterdam is regarded as the multicultutal city where you can find many people with different backgrounds, which from my point of view, is the best way to fit in, because no one is the same and the probability of getting bullied is lower.
The outfit I wore is quite simple and super comfy. I wore one of my fav skinny jeans, which is the camo pants from Coolcat. There was a certain period where camo pattern was very on trend, almost everyone owns a pair of camo sneakers to a camo jacket. It almost seemed that Amsterdam created its own army haha. I topped my outfit off by wearing an oversized denim jacket from Monki and a lovely t-shirt from Zara which I got a long long time ago. Moreover, I eventually finished the outfit by adding accessories and my FML tote bag from Reclaimed
PS: Almost all items I wore that day are already sold out, but I did find similar ones:)) 
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Photos are taken by Chantal Marchena.

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