10 October 2013



Do you guys like my new t-shirt? (Some people may regard it as a dress) I´ve been looking for this for such a long time since Kanye West and other artists have been pulling off this tee multiple times on the red carpet. I ordered mine from EBAY, which is currently my favourite online shopping site. However, it is unfortunately not a tee that you can wear it on a daily basis, but I couldn´t help myself  and HAD to order it as fast as I could.

I paired it up with my leather trousers in order to give more definition to the outfit and since the summer is officially gone, I throw on a black nylon bomber jacket, which I got from www.boohoo.com

Down below you can find all the links to the items I wore in this outfit. Take a look 

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Photos are taken by Chantal Marchena.

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