17 October 2013


JOOEHOEEEE Fashionloversss!! Ready for a new outfit that I wore the other day?

So today's outfit may be something different, well at least the colour is different. The first thing in the picture that probably caught your eyes the most is the oversized white boyfriend coat from Topshop. I'm so blessed to finally put my hands on this.

The first time when I saw this coat online, it was already sold out. However, when Topshop restocked it after a month I had my doubts whether I should get it or not. Because first of all, the items from Topshop can be quite pricy which I'm not gonna deny about it. Second of all, since this item is catergorized under women's clothing I wasn't really sure if I could fit a size UK14 or size UK16.

A couple days later, I went shopping with a friend of mine and (coincidentally) there was an opening of the first Topshop in Amsterdam. So luckily, my coat was still available in a size 14 and as you can see it looks quite good on me haha.

What do you fashionlovers think?

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Photos are taken by Chantal Marchena.

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