20 November 2013


1. What is your name?
My name is John Eduard Kasiadi Setrodipo
2. How old are you?
Í am 21 years old and I am born and raised in the Netherlands, or better yet, in a really small town called Zaandam.

3. What is your ethnic origin?
I found this question quite annoying, because I am mix, meaning that it is hard for me to say it really quickly haha. But my mother is half Indonesian and Algerian, while my father is half Indonesian and half Surinamese.
4. Do you study or do you  have a job? Perhaps both?
I'm currently doing a bachelor in International Business and Management at Hoge School van Amsterdam and I also have a part-time job at Primark, which is located in Zaandam.
5. What is your favourite snack?
My all favourite snack will always be CHIPS. In my opinion, they are so good and so much better than either chocolates or candies.

6. Do you have any hobbies?
Hmm.. Where should I even begin? Well, I like to listen a lot to R&B and ballad songs. I also like Korean music, such as 2ne1. Furthermore, I am a MASSIVE shopaholic as you can tell from my pictures haha. I bet everyone is just like me when you have a fashion/beauty blog yourself.

7. Are you currently in a relationship? Or are you single?
Unfortunately, I am single, but I do date a lot.

8. What is your favourite colour?
To be honest, I have two colours that I really adore, which are red and yellow ochre.

9. Who is your BFF?
I have 2 best friends, who I know for almost 8-9 years.
 Chantal and Zeynep

10. Do you have any obsession(s)?

All my family and friends know that I have an obsession with rings. The second thing  that no one knows about me is that I am also obsessed with pillows.

11. What do you drink the most?
Í'd like to have cup of tea every morning and I can drink coke all day. (I know it's bad a thing, but I still do it and cannot help myself)
12. Do you read a lot?
To be honest, I don't read very often. But I do like to read magazines regarding fashion or beauty, such as Vogue.

 13. Leather, denim or Tartan?
 I really do like denim and tartan, but I can appreciate leather the most, because it gives a glorious definition to any you outfit you put together.

 14. What  do you like to do the most during your spare time?
I always tend to clean up my room when I have free-time as I never organize my room when I have for example school or when I need to go to work. As well as this, I to surf a lot on the Internet, like checking my email and watching either soaps or movies.

15. How would you define your own personal style?
Defining my own style is quite difficult, since my style preferences constantly changed over the past few years. But if I'd have to, I would accurately describe my own personal style as unique and classy yet streetwear-ish.Furthermore, I have the tendency to over-accessorize my whole outfit by adding loads of rings and a humongous choker as a statement piece to my outfit.

Until next time, have a great day and have a great week!

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Photos are taken by Chantal Marchena


  1. It's a good thing to learn more about you!! I recognize myself in you lol!

  2. oh my, you are too fabulous for words. Thanks for stopping by and exposing me to your blog - you have great style:)

  3. nice to know more about you :) I love your blog! <3