13 November 2013

RING OBSSESION - because naked fingers are an abomination♥


Hi fashionlovers,

Once again, I'm back with another fashionable blog post for you guys. As you may can tell from all the outfits I posted on my blog I have a HUGE obsession with wearing rings. I could NEVER leave my house out without my rings on unless it is an emergency. I also prefer silver rings over golden rings, because golden jewelry looks quite tacky on me as I can speak for myself.

1. Where do you usually buy your rings?

I personally prefer that my rings will last forever, so I invest quite alot in them. I do not usually purchase rings at either H&M or Topshop, because they will eventually rust, which is such a waste of money. Therefore, I always purchase my rings at Ebay and Regalrose.

2. What is your current favourite ring?

I have more than 1 ring that I associate as my favourites, but if I have to pick out one of them I probably will go for the plain ring with the attached feather charm, which is from REGALROSE

Do you have any obsession? Please let me know down below in the comments.
Until next time, have a great week!

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Photos are taken by Chantal Marchena

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  1. I just love this ring collection! I reallz like your man blog! You have a good style and potential! I follow you:))