18 February 2014


Hi lovely readers,

On the 12th of February 2014, I had an appointment with my friend, but I had NO clue what to wear on that day. As a matter of fact, I'm probably not the only one who may face this kind of problems. But no worries, it is actually quite simple and you can even put an outfit together less than in 5 minutes. 

1. Organize your closet.
A lot of times when we don't know what to wear or, better yet, how to put together an outfit it means that it is time to ORGANIZE our closet. Yes, organizing means it will be so much easier to locate the clothes you want for the outfits you'll be putting together and it will eventually remind you what you own in way of clothing. 
tips: Get rid of anything you almost never wear, because there is no point in keeping around something you wear only once or twice and try to organize your clothes by item, so all the t-shirts together, all the jeans together and so on.
2. Essential wardrobe TOPS
Everyone needs a few basic tops that are the foundation of your wardrobe. These tops should be versatile and trend-proof, It's best for your basic wardrobe components to be in neutral colors like black, navy blue, or white so that you can mix and match them easily
tips: casual tops ( tops like short and Long sleeve t-shirts or tank tops), blouses, and simple yet sophisticated pullovers. 

3. Essential wardrobe BOTTOMS
These are mostly the jeans as well as the trousers that make up the basis of you will wear with the tops. Again, you'll want to go for neutral colours and styles that won't change with every fashion.

4. Gather accessories 
Generally speaking, accessories can add an individual element to your wardrobe without overwhelming you. Belts, jewelry, handbags, scarves, and hats are great in neutral colours as well as funkier, brighter styles. A bright scarf with a black t-shirt and fitted jeans can be a fun yet easy outfit. 
tips: jewelry is very much according to individual preference. You'll need to figure out what you like and work with that. Because someone might prefer chunkier, geometric jewelry more than pearls, but overall; they will be the highlight of your outfit you pull off. 
5. Versatile shoes
Shoes are really important to make a fun and comfortable outfit. You will need a few different styles of basic footwear in your closet to draw from when creating outfits. Different shoes go better with different items of clothing. Something to remember, light coloured shoes (e.g. white ones) can get dirty really fast, so make sure you consider that when picking your shoe colour.
- Boots: these are especially in colder places, which are very important. You can get some casual black or grey boots, or some fancy heeled ones that you can couple with jeans or a dress. For instance, ankle boots are really good with skinny boots and ( for women) with skirts.
- Casual sneakers: You can wear these out for a long walk. They are comfortable and you can basically do housework or yard work in them.

6. Mix and Match
Mixing and matching clothing is your basis for choosing different outfits each day. This way you don't have to wear the same t-shirt and jeans routine that always do (although that's perfectly okay if that's what you like:))

Until next time, have a great day, have a great week!
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  1. Great post!! I try to follow these rules daily but it's hard lol!

    1. thanks for your comment! it is really hard to follow these rules, especially for me hahah

  2. cool mix and match dear, love the top so much :D


  3. wow.. you look so cool and stylish !!
    very great look, dear =)

    be friend?

  4. you look amazing, I love your outfit :) great blogpost,new follower here ;)


  5. Lovin' the look! especially the floral tee!!!


    1. Thank you Alexander:D. I got the tee from Bershka, I hope it helps

  6. You nailed this outfit! Laidback but still very stylish. Love everything in this look :)

    By the way, followed you! Hope you can do the same :)

  7. You look really fantastic! I love your bag and hat *o*

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  8. i love your rolling stones ring! where did you get it? xx

    1. Hi sweetheart, I got it from EBAY: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FRX069-Chic-Rolling-Stones-Tongue-Ring-Lip-Ring-Fashion-Motorcycle-Biker-RING-/181191890963?pt=Gemstone_Rings&var=&hash=item2a2fe0d813

  9. Thank you so much for the follow! i really like your blog too! and your outfit and rings are awesome! followed you!

  10. We're obsessed with your bowler's hat!


  11. Love this outfit and I love how the hat adds a pop of colour! xx


  12. Awesome outfit man!


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