31 August 2014


ZARA loafers l SPAO shorts l ASOS shirt

Hello beautiful people,
This will probably my first yet last post where I am wearing a pair of shorts! As probably read from my previous article, the weather has dramatically changed here in Amsterdam, which means an official transition from sunshine and cool breezes to heavy rains and chilly wind. Being sad?, absolutely not. I am a person who likes to layer up multiple clothing pieces, wrapping a humongous scarf around my neck, wearing a big coat and top it of with a pair of classy leather boots. Yup, that is totally me, super excited!  As a matter of fact, I have slightly prepared myself in terms of splurging much money on new clothing pieces that were highly needed (and that's what he said) as well as gathering information on about what exactly would be the new trends (see my previous article). Let's get  fabulous, fashionable, and cozy during the fall and winter seasons!

How to fashionably prepare yourself?

dos: If you are not financially strong, the following advice would be not very sufficient for you, but I always believed and still do that you need to buy either a jacket or coat every year. This gives you a variety of how you basically look everyday. A few years ago, I realized that I spent all my money in clothes, but somehow I still look the same when I was outdoors, due to the fact that I was always wearing the same jacket/coat. I do not say that you don't need to invest much money on clothes, but try to buy at least 1 jacket/coat  a year(preferably a timeless piece). You will not only look different when you are in school or at work, but also when you are outdoors.  

don'ts: Make sure you do not invest your money into new clothing statement pieces that are quite similar as the ones you bought last year(s), for instance, do not purchase 5 different chelsea boots in the same colour, even though, they have different shapes/heights like I did. Yes, they may have the same colour, but they look slightly different. However, please take into consideration (and I am talking from my personal experiences) that you eventually going to wear 1 pair of boots out all of them, because that particular ones may be your favourite, the ideal structure, and they're comfortable. So, once again do not try to duplicate your statement pieces and try to safe up your money(even I can learn from this advice).

So, who is ready?

Until next time, have a great day, have a great week!
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  1. me encanta!!! los zapatos son preciosos
    muy bien combinado

  2. Nicely.

  3. great look.
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  4. Hi gorgeous! Thank you for visiting in my blog. I love absolutely, yours! <3 As I have worked with fashion soooo many years, I just still love it. And now, Autumn....oh...all those warm clothes are waiting..and dont tell to my husband...getting more tomorrow ;))

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    With love, Maarit from

  5. love the shoes, your outfits are always amazing!


  6. i love how that loafers made a fierce statement to your outfit :)

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    love it!
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  8. I just love your look! great post!!

  9. wow ! you look amazing, love this outfit!
    xoxo sandicious

  10. Amazing shorts! You look great!


  11. great outfit and amazing shorts !


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  14. You look great - love your shorts!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

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    Amazing look :)

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