29 August 2014


Can you believe summer is practically over? Well, I can and that means saying goodbye to your tank tops, shorts, and flip flops. As old man winter cast his presence in our lives for the next few months, I want to make sure you are FASHIONABLE prepared. Down below are my top 5 pick every man needs in his closet.

A coat or either a jacket is definitely one of the important essentials that you need to have for the upcoming fall/winter in order to protect you against the chilly wind (DUH), but what kind of coat or jacket? Well, there is one one simple answer for that, being: M I N I M A L I S T I C
Simple yet soft colours, such as grey, white, or black are very in nowadays, but versatile at the same time. You could combine these colours with every clothing piece you currently own in your wardrobe. However, there may be some people out there who do not favour the minimalistic trend, in that case I highly recommend you to invest your money in a coat/jacket in either the colour camel or ocher. Camel is classic and can be worn for a variety of special occasions. From desk to dinner, it serves as an instant luxe piece even if you are planning it with both a pair of skinny jeans and loafers.
Leather jackets, yes leather is usually the first bad ass item every single man has owned at some point in his life. The trend nowadays is all about leather woven into everyday items, such as t-shirt and denim. You don't have to be a bad boy to appreciate leather jackets. Find one that's practical and fits your lifestyle. 

Knitwear clothing pieces will definitely make comeback this season, especially in the colour white, red, soft blue, ocher, and black. Cable knits are timeless and take you effortlessly through the winter. Over sized fluffy cardigans work well with printed trousers, and waffle knit jumpers add texture to your daytime attire. Neat fit knits are perfect for a classy style, with waterfall cardigans adding an alternative shape to your knitwear collection. From fluffy knits to slouchy shapes, jumpers and cardigans are a stylish way to layer up this season. 
3. Chelsea Boots
The Chelsea boot is an extremely versatile silhouette that works just as well with jeans as it does with a suit. They are guaranteed to slot seamlessly into you existing wardrobe and will bring a new dimension to any of your current go-to ensembles. That being said, due to its ties to the sixties and beatnik/mod subcultures, it will always look most at home within these types of looks. For those who want something a bit darker and edgier, try pairing your boots with the rocker's go-to uniform: black/slim skinny jeans, a plain tee/shirt and classic leather biker. 
It is and outfit that can be thrown on with minimal fuss and oozes effortless cool. 

Purchasing guidelines. 
-Chelsea boots traditionally feature either a rounded or pointed shape. The size of your feet will determine which ones you should gravitate towards. If you perhaps have larger feet go for something rounded, whereas those with smaller feet can often get away with pointed, Beatle style.
- Black is a classic choice and works perfectly with jeans. Coloured suede, like brown, navy, or grey looks better with trousers as well as with denim.

Chances are, you have a turtleneck or two somewhere in your winter wardrobe. It is one those staples that you keep around because it is super warm and totally practical for cold weather layering-but this basic is having a major moment this season it is suprising chic, too. Seriously!! This season it is all about high-necked jumpers and t-shirts.

5. White t-shirt/shirt
 Each season has a trend, but the classics are your best friends. They are trust worthy and forever chic, and will always be there when you need. Next to blue jeans and Chuck Taylors, there is nothing quite as all-American as the humble white t-shirt. It is versatile, it is cool and it as a piece that is able to worn any day of the year, in any season. That said, there is something about fall that makes the white tee especially necessary, as it can anchor statement pieces such as ripped jeans or a big knitwear cardigan.
Until next time, have a great day, have a great week!
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