24 February 2015


Hello guys,
I’m often asked how I “find the best pieces” or “why I get so lucky” when thrift store shopping.
While knowing how to thrift store shop doesn’t come naturally to everyone, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the skills you need to consistently score stylish steals and deals at your local thrift store. Although I have 10 years of thrift shopping experience to fall back on, I honestly believe that anyone interested in learning how to thrift can pick up the tricks fast and be a thrift pro in no time.
TIP #1: Map – I use the Thrift Shopper Store DirectoryGoodwill and Salvation Army websites to create my a wish-list of stores. Then I plug each store’s address in Google Maps to determine my best route for the least amount of travel time.
#2: Closet – Before thrifting, I examine my closet to note what pieces I haven’t worn yet that season. I’ll take photos of some on my iPhone so that when I’m thrifting, I’ll be inspired to pick up a particular item to match the unworn piece — and finally wear it!
#3: Trends –  I browse the sites of mainstream brands like Forever 21, H&M and Zara to see what these fast fashion chains are selling to give me an idea of the top trends to look for when I’m in the thrift store.
#4: Mobile Apps I use the Etsy app to search for the average prices of vintage brands I spy while thrifting and the Thrift Buddy app to see what thrift stores are near me that I may have missed in my research.
Pre-preparing for your thrift shopping experience guarantees that you’ll have everything you need for hours spent combing the racks, including food, water, amenities, tunes and equipment.
TIP #5: Pack – Pack a goodie bag of necessary rations and emergency supplies like tissues, hand sanitizer and stain remover (to test spots) as well as snack (I love Clif bars and trail mix), water and a sports drink.
#6: Set Limits – Before even stepping foot in a thrift store, I decide how much money I’m willing to spend that day. My limit is typically $20 per store, so if I’m visiting 3 separate stores then I shouldn’t be spending more than $60 total.
#7: Music – I make a thrift mix to help keep me energized and upbeat! A good jam really sets the thrift mood (I’ve definitely danced own the aisles) and makes thrifting more fun!
#8: Shopping Bag –  I bring an eco-friendly collapsible grocery bag to use in place of a cart, which can be too large to push through the aisles comfortably on a busy shopping day.
By sticking to a thrift shopping strategy, you’ll not only buy the things you truly want, but you won’t waste time shopping in a way that doesn’t fulfill your goals. Plus, a good thrift strategy will actually help you to spend more wisely.
TIP #9: Donate – Before you take a thrift shopping trip, review your closet’s inventory and filter out items you no longer wear for donation to the store. Not only is it good thrift karma to donate immediately upon arrival, but cleaning out your closet will inspire mental notes of what you truly (and don’t truly!) need to thrift for.
#10: Pick Sections – Narrow your shopping to three sections or less to stay focused on your day’s goals and to manage time spent in any one store since a section should take you approximately 20 minutes to shop.

Photos: Yannick
Until next time, have a great day, have a great week!
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