05 February 2015


Hi guys,
The other day I went to Amsterdam Fashionweek with my friends. It was lots of fun, laughter and obviously all about the glamour. During this event, I wore my long red vintage coat along with some minimal dressing pieces. Hence, the reason why the colour red stands ridiculously  out. I may have looked a bit tired, due to the reason that I just got from work and went straight to the Evan Menswear show afterwards.
Met a bung of new friends and we had a lovely dinner, hamburger and fries duh, together.  Unfortunately , I couldn't take any pictures of the food nor the restaurant itself since the lighting was not photo-taking convenient at all.
Photos: Mohamed
Until next time, have a great day, have a great week!
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The actual show that was taking plac.
Did I just peek what he was doing on his phone? OOPS



  1. Beautiful photos and I like your red coat.

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  2. i love it