23 March 2015


Bomber Jacket
Buying a leather jacket is an investment — and not one to be taken lightly. Buy the right jacket and you’ll wear it for years. There’s nothing more timeless than a well-worn leather jacket. Buy something overly trendy or a style that’s outside your usual comfort zone and well, you’ll be left with a jacket that you never wear and an empty wallet. This, of course, is not to say that a good investment is necessarily a boring one, just something that fits your personal style and you love.
Leather, whether genuine or vegan, has become a seasonless material and looks just as good in spring as it does in the fall. This was obvious on the spring 2015 runways at World MasterCard fashion week in Toronto, where labels like Rudsak and Package showed off bombers and moto jackets in leather. Want to know which style suits you best.
The bomber jacket has a round collarless neckline and thick bands along the bottom and wrists that are often a soft, elasticized knit fabric, but can also be leather. The silhouette adds a bit of volume around the middle and looks like a baseball jacket. But it doesn’t have to be unflattering. Ensure that the bottom of the jacket sits at your hips and that you can comfortably rest your hands in the pockets. The fit should be loose through the middle but snug at the hips. Although many styles feature drop shoulders (meaning that the shoulder seam sits further down on your upper arm rather than right at the point where arm and shoulder meet), the shoulders should still fit well. This means that the sleeves shouldn’t be too long or short and it shouldn’t look as if the jacket is sliding off.
Do: Find a jacket that is snug but not too tight at the waistband and fits at the shoulders.
Don’t: Choose one that is tight throughout. It should be loose through the middle.
Do: Opt for a bomber that’s longer without a band at the bottom for a more modern, flattering fit.
Don’t: Buy a cropped style. It will go out of fashion quickly.
Moto Jacket 
Don’t automatically think of Michael Jackson’s red version from the ’80s. The motorcycle jacket can be more classic than Rebel Without A Cause. Skip all the heavy metal hardware unless you’re in a biker gang. Modern day moto jackets feature either short almost mandarin collars or full collars that open onto the coat when unzipped (à la James Dean). The moto jacket can be fitted or a bit loose but shouldn’t look oversized. Let the jacket’s style, rather than the garment’s size, determine the fit.
The jacket should fit perfectly in the shoulders. And while leather will give and soften over time, don’t buy a piece that’s a bit too snug in hopes that it will stretch. It should also be long enough to at least sit on your hip bones; any shorter and you’re not really protecting yourself from the elements. Again, a cropped leather jacket will go out of style. But a coloured leather jacket may not. If you are a devoted lover of the colour red, you can probably get away with a red jacket without looking like an extra from “Thriller.” But do choose a shade that’s not quite as saturated or primary. An almost coral red, beige yellow or aqua blue are probably safer choices than a pure kelly green
Do: Buy a moto jacket with the classic off-centre zipper.
Don’t: Buy a moto jacket with lots of zippers or hardware.
Do: Find a jacket that’s snug in the shoulders.
Don’t: Expect your jacket to stretch. Buy the right size!

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