23 August 2015


Welcome to a new trend in beauty: hair chalking. I’ve been hearing this term floating around amongst the “hipsters” of Tumblr and decided to do some research. Turns out, it’s actually the coolest non-committal beauty trend I’ve seen in awhile! So, what exactly is hair chalking? It’s taking your hair and using either regular chalk or specifically made hair chalk to color your hair. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.

What you need to know about hair chalking:
1.       It can be done to ALL hair colors and types; blondes, brunettes, redheads, all without the use of bleach or dyes.
2.       If you use soft pastels chalk from your local arts store, be sure to not use oil pastels.
3.       Blick is a good brand to go for.
4.       There is also a brand called HairColorChalk, which makes hyper pigmented chalks specifically intended for hair.
5.       If you have dark hair, you should lightly moisten it before applying the chalk.
6.       If you have blonde hair, do not moisten your hair or it WILL stain.
7.       To apply just twist your hair, then rub the chalk into and around it, small sections as a time.
8.       You can have fun with the style! braids, fishtails, buns, beachy waves, etc.
9.       Before you shower and wash your hair, brush out as much of the color as you can.

Step 1: Spray a 1-inch section of hair with water. You don't need to soak the entire strand, just go as high up as you want the color to be.
Step 2: Color on your hair with one of the pastels. I recommend choosing about three colors, and putting one at a time in your hair. Start with the lightest shade first, since, as you can see, the color gets all over your gloves and you'll end up with a muddied version of the same hue throughout if you go dark to light.
Step 3: Wait for your hair to air dry. This was the hardest part for me - I was so anxious to see the final look!
Step 4: Using the curling or flat iron, go over each colored strand. This sets the colors in your hair, so it will last longer. Then brush and style however you normally would! The color stayed in my hair (which is naturally medium blonde)for about a week, while my friend's (who bleaches her hair washed out the next day. The best part about this technique is that it works for girls with darker
hair too, although the color is much more subtle.

Is it really that easy? Yes! You too can have My Little Pony, unicorn or mermaid hair for the weekend, and still show up to work on Monday looking like your buttoned-up professional self.

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