07 September 2015


Blogger: Sita Sunar from www.cocolett.com
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I'm not a psychologist or a 50 year-old men with plenty of life experience up my sleeve, but I do know that your self-confidence (along with body proportions and fit) plays a major role in achieving great style. That's why finding the time to improve your self confidence is essential to getting your style right. Your attitude behind the clothes you wear can make or break your look. Showing that you are comfortable in your clothes makes disproportions and all the figure flaws you're deep down insecure about less noticeable. On the other hand, having self confidence alone doesn't always necessarily equal great style. In fact, I believe that it's a combination of 3 things that make people look so darn good:

Knowing what clothes to wear and how to wear them to give you the best body (outfit) proportions and fit.
 Knowing your best colors and how to use them to your advantage - giving you that healthy and unstoppable glow.
 Self-confidence - meaning letting your personal style shine through
Having self confidence is the icing of the cake and what you get from knowing what looks best on you! If you've got number 1 and 2 right, a confidence-boost is inevitable. It's the casual beam of liking yourself, but not the cocky oh-I-love-myself-and-I'm-better-than-everyone else-type of confidence. The casual beam of confidence is about feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear, telling the world: "Hey, this is me. I like the colors I'm wearing, I love the shape of this top and my waist looks awesome in it, and I don't care what people think!" (This signals that you're confident and positive, and makes you look attractive). The trick is to focus on what you like about your body.
So instead of wasting all of your energy on hiding yourself behind clothes or trying to disguise what you don't like with something that clearly isn't a part of your personal style, make an effort to accentuate your best assets.  The point here is to shift your attention and make yourself feel good about yourself. In this way your confidence will sky-rocket!


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  2. Beautiful photos and great style.

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