05 October 2015


Welcome to my simple life. Today's blogpost is all about what I usually do on a daily basis. It is quite obvious that I wake up in the morning and take a long-ass shower for almost 30 minutes, in short, I get myself ready for the day. I just put a layer of make-up on my face before I go outdoors. I have been into beauty recently, so I am going to give you guys a quick head up of what I use daily; Face & Body foundation by Mac as well as for the liquid concealer and blush + highlighter by Topshop. Furthermore, I top it off with a small amount of mascara and in the meantime I applied my striplashes to add some extra define touch to my eyes. As breakfast, I always have yogurt along with a cup of tea (strawberry flavour) or a lightweight avocado sandwhich with boiled egg. Then the day finally starts...whether you are at work or at home, fulfill your responsibilities. Do what needs to get done and do it right. A job well done is a great way to lift your spirit.Everyone is happy when they accomplish a long awaited goal or dream. Be active in setting goals. Be realistic in your expectations. Work hard to make things happen. However, I am not very good in doing my own time schedule, so I am still in progress to improve my skills, but I am slowly getting there. Build strong relationships with friends and family. Friends and family can be your support and your cheerleaders. They can be there for you when you need it and you can be there for them. Do what you can to build strong relationships with those around you. Be reliable and understanding. Learn how to make a relationship thrive. This is one of the reasons why I do want to see my family members or friends often in order to socialize with them and keeping up with their social life as well. Other than that, I spend my life most of the time to blogging including taking pictures of myself.


  1. I must say that I love all of your outfits


  2. This is so chic! love it!