20 January 2016


 Hi guys,

So when was the last time that I actually did a proper blog post? It is that bad that I cannot even remeber it anymore. As you all could tell, my appearance has quite changed a bit since the last time you saw me on pictures. My hair has grown slowly and on top of that I upgraded my make up game massively. My current obsession is to wear full dramatic yet natural strip lashes. This  has been a thing that started from last summer and I feel very comfortable in my own skin. Furthermore, I have been highlighting and contouring non-stop. It basically have become a must-have step in my daily life and I do not regret it at all. At the minute, I am still brainstorming what I would like to do with my blog in terms of content, lay-out, and pictures. As a matter of fact, do I even would like to continue with my blog. Fashion blogging has been a part of major fashion market, but I realized that no one really like to read them nowadays. In fact, the society likes to watch instead of read something. Hence, the reason why I doubting very much. However, I do like to take pictures of myself and inspire you guys as much as I can. The purpose of this particular blogpost is to define the right answer for my question. Please let me know down below whether I should continue with blogging or do you guys have perhaps anoter suggestion what I could do, such as youtubing (is that even a word?), or betted yet, both? Let me know guys


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